Welcome to the mean streets of Seattle, circa 2072.

We’re rebooting the campaign; please excuse our dust.

Our merry band of runners are a diverse group, promising many wacky and nail-biting adventures.
(GM: Not so merry this time around, I think)

The twitchy mage curled up on the sofa is Roche. He has quite a few friends, none of whom are human or even metahuman. He’ll do anything for his fix. Anything.

In distinct opposition, Shizen is the epitome of dark, calm, and brooding. You’ll be lucky to get the time of day out of him.

(GM: Looks like Tink-Tink and the Japanese girl are out for the reboot.)

That antisocial dwarf sitting in the corner is Tink-Tink. Don’t ask him about his past, he can’t tell you even if he were inclined to. All you need to know is that he can mod and drive pretty much any vehicle in service today. He’s handy with a shotgun as well.

The quiet Japanese girl understands you very well, but she is quite the enigma. We don’t even know her name yet.

Serpent Shadowrun