Positive Quality
Cost: 5 BP
Source: SR4a, page 90

Adept characters use their magic in a radically different way than other Awakened characters, by channeling magic through their bodies and minds; they do not cast spells or conjure spirits, nor do they typically have access to astral space (see the Astral Perception adept power, p. 195). Instead, adepts develop powers that improve their physical and mental abilities.

A character with this quality is an adept and starts with a Magic attribute of 1, which can be increased like any other attribute up to a maximum of 6 + initiation grade (see Purchase Attributes, p. 82). A character with this quality cannot take the Magician, Mystic Adept, or Technomancer qualities.

Characters with the Adept quality get a number of Power points during character creation equal to their Magic attribute. These Power points are used to buy specific adept powers (see p. 195). Additional Power points can be gained by increasing the character’s Magic attribute through the expenditure of Karma. Note that the Magic attribute cannot be raised above the natural maximum of 6 without initiation (see Initiation, p. 198).

The adept is fully described on p. 195 of The Awakened World chapter; a sample adept character appears on p. 104. Though this quality is inexpensive, gamemasters should be careful not to allow it to be abused. It should only be taken for characters that are intended to be played as adepts.


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