Source: SR4a, page 311

The smartgun system connects a firearm or projectile weapon directly to a user’s smartlink (see p. 323). It incorporates a laser range finder and a small camera, and keeps track of ammunition, heat buildup, and material stress. It allows a smartlinked character to mentally switch between
gun modes, eject clips, and fire the gun without pullingthe trigger. The camera allows for targeted shooting around corners, without exposing oneself to return fire.

The system makes use of advanced calculation software, allowing the user to aim even weapons with a highly ballistic firing arc (like grenades) with tremendous precision over any distance. The smartgun system can also be accessed via wireless link, allowing for the gun to be remotely fired or to block the trigger (in case an opponent gets ahold of it). When used with a smartlink, it provides a +2 dice pool bonus on the ranged attack test.

Retrofitting a firearm with an internal Smartgun system doubles the weapon’s price. An external smartgun system can be attached to the top mount or underbarrel mount with an Armorer + Logic (4, 1 hour) Extended Test. The small camera can be equipped with vision enhancements (p. 323).


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